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Alternative Therapy in San Antonio, TX

Since 1990, we have been educating San Antonio residents on health and nutrition to achieve full body wellness. Started by owner Susan Wallace-Cuellar, RCT, Alternative Therapy Center continues to provide massage therapy, reflexology, colonic irrigation, and other healing services. Susan has over 30 years of experience as a colon hydrotherapist and is a registered Colon Therapist and Reflexologist.

Upon entering our holistic health care center, you will immediately feel a sense of relaxation wash over you. Take a break from your busy schedule today and enjoy our peaceful environment to ensure a renewed and rejuvenated tomorrow. Susan’s dedication to the field of intestinal health and detoxification leads to a very fulfilling session for each client. You will always find a high standard for both sanitation and comfort.

Alternative Therapy

Colon cleansing can improve your life.

Many people do not realize the negative effects that a toxic colon can have on their overall quality of life. From mental exhaustion and anxiety to swollen legs and hemorrhoids, constipation can take a great toll. Through the use of colon cleansing and therapy, we can treat this condition and counsel you on how to take a healthier approach towards life.

We also offer massage therapy!

Because we also offer massage therapy and reflexology, we can further elevate your sense of relaxation. You will truly feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders by the time you leave Alternative Therapy Center.

Our massage therapy services take the whole person into account. They're about more than just relieving tension in your muscles. They're about promoting health throughout your body, ensuring that your body and mind are at peace. You work hard: you deserve great massage therapy.

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