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Alternative Therapy Center in San Antonio, TX

Since 1982, Alternative Therapy Center has been educating the greater San Antonio area on health and nutrition to achieve their health goals. Started by owner Susan Wallace-Cuellar, RCT, our center continues to provide Colon Hydrotherapy, Reflexology, Raindrop Technique, plus other alternative modalities.

Lawrence Cohen M.D. is the Medical Director over this establishment. 

Texas State Law requires each person to have a Prescription by a Texas Medical Doctor before coming in for Colon Hydrotherapy. 

This facility uses Hydro- San Plus device for all Colon Hydrotherapy. See more 

We also offer massage therapy!

Because we also offer massage therapy and reflexology, we can further elevate your sense of relaxation. You will truly feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders by the time you leave Alternative Therapy Center. We proudly provide massage therapy services to the San Antonio, TX area.

Our massage therapy services take the whole person into account. They're about more than just relieving tension in your muscles. They're about promoting health throughout your body, ensuring that your body and mind are at peace. You work hard: you deserve great massage therapy.

Contraindication or Colon Hydrotherapy:

-Severe Cardiac Disease (i.e., uncontrolled hypertension, congestive heart failure or organic valve disease)
-Hemorrhage/ Perforation
-Severe Hemorrhoids
-Carcinoma of Colon or Rectum
-Abdominal Hernia
-recent Colon or Rectal Surgery
-Intestinal Perforations
-Severe Anemia
-Indication and Contraindications may vary. Colon Hydrotherapy may be applied with physician’s directive.

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